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modus™ corporate email security

Protecting your email communications

The integrity of email communications is at the core of your business, providing your employees with a steady stream of crucial information that could very well determine your company’s long-term success. You cannot afford to let it be compromised.

Robust email security solutions

Vircom’s modus™ technology provides your company with corporate email security and true peace of mind. With Vircom, you can feel confident that you are entering into a full partnership with a team that will be behind you if you ever experience an email compromise or attack. Our aim is to help you prevent these situations, but if they do occur, we will not let you down.

More than just ‘anti-spam’

Our proprietary modus™ technology analyzes all inbound and outbound email to counteract spam, phishing, viruses, and every other kind of unauthorized communication, ensuring a high spam catch-rate and a virtually non-existent false-positive rate. The right emails will get through to your inbox, while the threats to your email communication are eliminated.

modus™ Highlights

  • Operates in a Windows® environment and interfaces with other Windows® based services such as Microsoft® Exchange Server, Active Directory and Lotus® Domino®

  • Integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure.

  • Can be customized and tweaked to fit your exact requirements – or the exact requirements of your customers or end users (it is not “one size fits all”)

  • Is fully scalable

  • Can be deployed on your network using flexible deployment scenarios (arranged with your IT team)

  • Is used and trusted by Application and Internet Service Providers, some of the most demanding customers in the market

  • Includes filtering at the connection and content levels, using our proprietary Sender Reputation System (SRS) and Sequential Content Analyzer (SCA™).

Who uses Vircom’s modus™ technology?

  • Small and medium-sized businesses to protect their Exchange, Lotus or GroupWise servers

  • Hosting companies, System Integrators, Application and Internet Service Providers and ISVs

  • Companies that question whether the email security ‘giants’ are the only way to go

  • Companies that consider IT part of an overall business strategy and are not afraid to invest in it

  • Companies that do not want to be locked into year-long commitments. We have customers who have month-to-month subscriptions and who have been with us for over 7 years!

With modus™ corporate email security, customers often see email infrastructure resource use drop by more than 60%. Service providers have seen increases in their customer satisfaction rates by as much as 40%! Download a free trial and test out modus™ technology for yourself. It will be the last time you ever switch email security products.

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