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Mail Server Settings for setting up your Mailbox

(Incoming) POP3 Server:  - Port Number 110
(Outgoing) SMTP Server: - Port Number 25
POP3 Account Name: your full email address
SMTP Authentication: ON
IMAP Server: - Port Number 143 or 587

IMAP Account Name: your full email address

How to Manage your IMAP mailbox


If you are using POP to check your email

Filling up your disk quota for POP accounts invariably results from your email client software not removing messages from the server after you have downloaded them to your computer. Typically, once an email message shows up in your inbox, there is no need to leave a copy on our mail server. In fact, leaving messages on the server will result in slower performance when downloading new email.

Sometimes people wish to leave a copy of the message on the server for a few days after downloading, so they see their recent emails when using webmail. This is fine, but make sure to set your client software to remove messages from the server after 10 days or so.


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